Thanks for visiting the square bears information and privacy page.

Square Bears was one of about a hundred projects I was working on when I decided I needed to finish something. Being the simplest project, and one my daughter really enjoyed, I thought why not finish it, and other kids (or adults) might enjoy Square Bears too!

It's available on... iPad and... Android


This game is designed for children of all ages, and so contains no advertising, and stores no personal information of any kind. Progress is recorded in the form of an alphanumeric code and nickname combination that is to be kept by the player if they wish to collect all the bears. This code will restore progress on any device without any login process.

To be honest, my favorite part about making this game was programming the encryption algorithm for the user code. It required me to mobilise quite a lot of that grey matter, along with some trial and error, but I was very happy to come up with a 4 character code that could both store numerous different configurations of bears, and also be quite difficult to crack.

If you have any concerns please contact me at james@branchoutmedia.com