I'm James, an artist, an award-winning filmmaker, coder, former male model... XD, perpetual student and dad. I rock-climb, paint miniatures, play chess, and generally steer conversations towards how to make the world a better place.

I studied Intermedia at Elam School of Fine Arts which was very fancy-pants. So now I'm basically saving the world with an artsy fartsy website.

I was really excited when I found this web address...

A sketch of the website domain site showing nonzerosum.games is available

I'd been an indie games developer for several years but had found that, rather than creating action adventure stories of solo heroes battling monsterous foes, I gravitated towards group interactions and systems.

Some of these you wouldn't even call games - the were simulations, experiments - my attempt to understand connections, bonds, trust and harmony. What they had in common was the idea that we are more than the sum of our parts, that while there is conflict in the world, we can all lift each other up - that we are non-zero-sum beings.

So, that is what this site is; my exploration, with you, of non-zero-sum games.

Below are some of my random projects in one place, only some of which are relevant to non-zero-sum games. If you are confused, inspired or intrigued by anything, drop a comment in the comments below/below.

I'm taking on ZeFrank's final resolution from 2006

"I promise not to keep ideas in my head, unfulfilled and full of promise - not to let these vague outlines of future actions give me false confidence and security in the abstract. Instead I will execute them quickly and faithfully so that I am again on the brink of the unknown, hoping that these ideas were not the last that would ever come to me from God knows where." - ZeFrank

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